Single Gallery Exhibitions

Jim Rouse Visionary Center

Out Of This World

JRVC plaza featuring Andrew Logan's Cosmic Galaxy Egg and more!

Ongoing: open during museum hours & for special events

1st Floor

Visionary Village: a cavernous exhibition arena for large sculptures featuring: London's Cabaret Mechanical Theatre automata; Baltimore Painted Screens & Rowhouse Theater; Kinetic Sculptures; DeVon Smith's World's First Robot Family; Andrew Logan's Divine; Leonard Knight's God is Love Balloon; David Best's Baltimore Blues Community ArtCar Project; & more!

2nd Floor

The Hall of Social Visionaries: the place to link creative acts of social activism with the real art of living, and home to an interactive exhibition on Jim Rouse: Remembering Jim into Our Future. The Thou Art Creative Classroom and The Creative Social Activism Classroom, two blue-glass-walled workshops – one for hands-on artmaking inspired by visionary artists and the other hard-wired for exploring best global innovations to better community life.

3rd Floor

The Center for Visionary Thought and Expression: a whitewashed, barn-styled hall with seating capacity for 500 and access to David Hess' 38-foot wide Bird's Nest Balcony, where visitors can get a bird's eye view of AVAM's campus buildings and wildflower garden, along with historic Federal Hill & downtown Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

Outdoor Sculptures & Amenities:

Dick Brown's Bluebird of Happiness; Dr. Tom Evermor's 40-foot steel Phoenix; Andrew Logan's 8-foot Cosmic Galaxy Egg; The Hughes Family Outdoor Movie Theater featuring Adam Kurtzman's 11-foot Giant Golden Hand; Small Outdoor Amphitheater; Giant Neon Spangled 'O Say Can You See' Sign – a tribute to both vision and the National Anthem's birthplace; The LeRoy Hoffberger Speaker's Corner: a platform for celebrating and exercising free speech.

JRVC Rental Spaces:

Beyond the fabulous exhibitions and stunning artwork, the Jim Rouse Visionary Center is one of the most popular venues for events in Downtown Baltimore! The 3rd floor banquet room can accommodate up to 400 guests comfortably, so it's the perfect spot for a night of cocktails, dinner & dancing! For more details, contact Michele Goldberg, Facility Rentals Coordinator for AVAM, at (410) 244-1900 x228 or