Past Exhibitions

The Visionary Experience: Saint Francis to Finster

October 4, 2014 – August 30, 2015

Selected images from The Visionary Experience:


American Visionary Art Museum's 20th original exhibition champions life's grand "Aha!" and "Eureka!" moments, held in common by Earth's most dynamic and intuitive "evolutionaries:" inventors, scientists, America's founding fathers, dreamers and saints; each touched by some lightening bolt of greater understanding, insight, grace and muse. Co-curated by acclaimed filmmaker and book publisher Jodi Wille (The Source Family, 2012), and AVAM founder and director Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, this exhibition's highlights include: a spirited centennial celebration of America's most prolific self-tutored and "on fire" artist, Rev. Howard Finster; the giant otherworldly paintings of remote viewer Ingo Swann; a rare peek into the spiritual life of famed musician Jimi Hendrix; the cosmic works of polymath Walter Russell; the religious experience of sci-fi icon Philip K. Dick as drawn by Robert Crumb; an exploration of inventive new spiritual groups and their leaders: Uriel of Unarius Academy of Science, and Father Yod and The Source Family; the wildly expansive drawings and bronze wind-bells for future ecology-based cities of Italian architect Paolo Soleri; and illuminating works by visionaries Tom Duncan, Dr. Robert Hieronimus, Paul Koudounaris, John Worrell Keely & Dale Pond, Jason Padgett, Christine Sefolosha, Judy Tallwing, and many more! The Visionary Experience will guide viewers down a path ancient and modern, futuristic and primitive, where the touch of grace, the whisper of the muse, and the still small voice beckon, offering the traveler transportive visions: personal, cultural, and cosmic.

Exhibition Artists:

Chelo Amezcua • Leroy Ramon Archuleta • Astral Eyes • Linville Barker • Deepak Chowdhury • Robert Crumb • Maja D'Aoust • Tom Duncan • Minnie Evans • David Fetcho, Susan English Fetcho and Steven Pattie (film) • Elizabeth Fine & Hazen Robert Walker (film) • Howard Finster • Geneva Webb Gibson • Steve Heller • Jimi Hendrix • Robert R. Hieronimus, Ph.D. • Terrence Howard • Miss Velma Jaggers/Universal World Church • John Worrell Keely, Dale Pond, Caroline McManus & Dawn Stranges • Paul Koudounaris • Norbert Kox • Melvin Edward Nelson • Jason Padgett • Walter Russell • O.L. Samuels • Christine Sefolosha • Paolo Soleri • Ingo Swann • Judy Tallwing • J.S. Thom and J.H. Agnew • Odinga Tyehimba • Archangel Uriel and the Unarius Academy of Science • Unarius Students: Paula Rich-Greenwood, Kevin Kennedy, Billie McIntyre, David Reynolds and Douglas Taylor • Stephan Yancoskie • Father Yod and Members of The Source Family: Isis Aquarian, Omne Aquarian and Sunflower Aquarian • and Claude Yoder.

Exhibition Sponsors:

  • DIAMOND: Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts.
  • PLATINUM: Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.
  • GOLD: Dr. & Mrs. Barton Cockey, Just Folk/Marcy Carsey & Susan Baerwald, The Philip & Harriet Klein Foundation, Inc., Max's Taphouse.
  • SILVER: Aegon Transamerica Baltimore Foundation, The Corfu Foundation Charitable Fund, DLA Piper, The John J. Leidy Foundation, Inc., Thomas & Linda McCabe, Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Pakula, Brenda & Phil Rever, Arnold & Alison Richman, Sylvan/Laureate Foundation.
  • BRONZE: Mary Catherine Bunting, Charlesmead Foundation, Ann & Harvey Clapp, Barbara & Louis Denrich, John Sondheim & Emily Greenberg, Maryellyn Lynott, Robert E. Meyerhoff & Rheda Becker, The Alvin & Louise Myerberg Family Foundation, Jim & Patty Rouse Charitable Foundation, Jan Weinberg.
  • Exhibition Supporters: Charles C. Baum Foundation, John & Berthe Ford, JoAnn & Jack Fruchtman, Lois & Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund, Joan Develin Coley & Lee Rice, William & Nancy Paternotte, Two Boots Pizza.
  • Public Support: AVAM would like to thank the following public institutions for their generous annual operating support – Maryland State Arts Council, Maryland State Department of Education, The Citizens of Baltimore County & the Baltimore County Commission on Arts & Sciences, The Howard County Government & the Howard County Arts Council.


Quotations which appear in the exhibition are available as a PDF download HERE.


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