Small Foods Party

Wee Shrimp Cocktail

  • When: Saturday, February 25, 2017
  • Time: Kids Competition 7pm (Doors 6:30) Main Competition 8pm (Doors 7:30)
  • ENTRY FEE: $10.00 NON-COMPETITORS • $5.00 COMPETITORS • AVAM members FREE with food entry!
  • Tickets available at Eventbrite.

About Small Foods

Join us for Baltimore's best and only celebration of the delicious world of petite edibles, the annual Small Foods party and contest, returning for its 12th year. The event will be hosted by last year's grand-prize winners (and recipients of the coveted GIANT CAN Of mini-corn), Barbara Wilgus and Peggy Hoffman. For more details visit


  • KIDS COMPETITION: For the first time ever, kids up to age 12 have a special category just for them. Anything goes, as long as it's small, edible, and kid-appropriate.
  • THE GOLDEN TOOTHPICK: This category is reserved for the smallest food, in proportion to the standard version. Competitors start with a larger food "object", and make it small. Past winners of this coveted prize include perfectly formed mini wontons, itty-bitty party subs, and teeny-tiny decorated cupcakes that fit on the tip of a finger.
  • THE BRIGHT IDEA AWARD: This award is given to the creator of the most innovative Small Food entry. Utilizing the most thoughtfully considered presentation, this little food offering will be the pinnacle of cleverness, wit, and style. Past winners have wowed us with elaborate edible dioramas or have accompanied their Small Food offerings with captivating stories and interactive performance art. Think outside of the (lunch, bento) box.
  • THE YUMMO! AWARD: Tiny and delicious, this entry will rock all of our taste buds, leaving us wanting more. Past winners have pleased our pallets with items such as itty-bitty banana splits and minutely crafted traditional Caesar salads on fried parmesan 'plates'… Thou shalt not compromise taste for smallness.
  • THE BLUE PLATE SPECIAL: This category is indeed one special challenge; one that is waiting for just the right dedicated Small Foods contender to be fully realized. We will know it when we see it - the perfect presentation of a full meal in miniature.
  • THE JUDGES' AWARD: Judges hand-select the winner of this category; an entry that is so outstanding in its concept or execution, that we can't help but recognize the creator.
  • THE GRAND PRIZE: The winner of this esteemed prize is the Small Food entry that has captured the hearts, minds, and stomachs of the people. It is often a food item that stands out in two or more categories, a super-small food that excites our sensibilities and our palettes. The winner of this crowd-pleasing entry will take home the GIANT CAN OF mini corn, and will be given the opportunity to host next year's Small Foods extravaganza!!!