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Andrew Logan, photo courtesy andrewlogan.com

Andrew Logan

(1945– )

Andrew Logan was born in 1945, the third of five brothers in a family with one younger sister. In 1967 Logan graduated from the Oxford School of Architecture and spent one year in the United States working for the Virginia Historic Landmark Commission. At the age of 27, Logan gained notoriety as the co-founder, along with the late Baltimore actor Divine, of the controversial Alternative Miss World contest, an inclusive beauty contest open to transvestites, the old and the young, men and women. His contest emphasized imagination and the radiance of beauty from within. In 1979 Andrew's AMW beauty contest fought off legal action by the "other" event with the help of a budding young defense Barrister—Mr. Tony Blair.

Logan is a tap dance and yoga aficionado and a prolific self-taught artist whose sculptures, mirrored jewelry, costumes, stage sets, and performance pieces have garnered a wide audience. Logan creates his art by using materials that are at hand, often incorporating mirror fragments, fabric remnants, and adding realistically sculpted heads and bodies. In the 1980's Logan founded his own museum in Berriew, Wales to house and display a portion of his prolific production. Logan's mirrored "Cosmic Galaxy Egg," inspired by the deep space images revealed by the Hubble Telescope transmissions, his mirror-winged "Black Icarus," and "Divine," a tribute to the late Baltimore actor, are part of AVAM's permanent collection on display.

Andrew Logan AVAM

Andrew Logan's Black Icarus & Cosmic Galaxy Egg, AVAM Permanent Collection

"The mirror of the universe has been my life for almost forty years. It has an energy like no other material. I have played with mirrors to create monuments, portraits, wall pieces and sculptural jewelry. I created the Alternative Miss World in 1972 with continuing interest. My life is an artistic adventure. The message of joy and happiness, to celebrate human existence." - Andrew Logan



To learn more about Andrew Logan, visit: http://andrewlogan.com