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Human Soul & Machine: The Coming Singularity!

Closing August 31, 2014

It's your last chance to experience AVAM's 19th original show, hailed by Art & Antiques Magazine as "one of the most thought-provoking museum exhibitions mounted recently." This stirring exhibit harnesses the enchanting visual delights of remarkable visionaries and cutting-edge futurists, including Kenny Irwin Jr., Rigo 23, Lindsey Bessanson, Fred Carter, Allen Christian, Alex Grey, Ray Kurzweil, O.L. Samuels, and many more. It's a hot-wired blend of art, science, humor, caution and hope!


Photo of artist Nancy Josephson

Nancy Josephson

(1955– )

Nancy Josephson, a New York City native born in 1955, gave up a career as a musician to create art that embodies Haitian themes. A spiritual follower of Vodou, Josephson traveled to Haiti a dozen times in the past decade to prepare for her initiation as a Vodou priestess. LaSiren, who embodies the ocean's dual qualities of strength and serenity, is her "met tet," or "head" spirit.

Josephson sang and played bass with several well known bands in the 1970s, and her son Jake learned to walk on Arlo Guthrie's tour bus. But the strains of touring forced her to reconsider her career choice and she became a visual artist, partially because she could work by herself.

See Nancy Josephson's Gallery-A-Go-Go Bus outside of AVAM's main entrance!

Josephson uses beads, mirrors, rhinestones, sequins and glue to create art from everyday objects in a style evocative of Haitian flags and banners. She is also a well-known ArtCar artist. Along with her husband, the guitarist David Bromberg, and daughter Ruth, Josephson moved in 2002 from Chicago to Wilmington, Delaware, recruited by the city to be catalysts for a downtown arts district.


For more on Nancy Josephson & her work, visit http://www.bigideerdesigns.com/