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2021 Small Kinetic Sculpture Race

The museum's annual race of wacky, imaginative, human-powered works of art is model perfect this year. Wish to enter? Below are details for entering a race of miniature model, 3D “Dream Machine” artful sculptures. Vehicles will be put to the test at the virtual Kinetic Sculpture Race by Race Officials on May 1.

Entry Rules

  • Entrants should create a small Kinetic Sculpture “Dream Machine,” a 3D artful sculpture, designed to be human-powered and with the ability to travel on land, sea, through mud and sand.

  • Sculptures should be no taller than 13 inches (approx 1 inch : 1 foot Scale).


  • Entries and themes should be appropriate for a family viewing. Suggested race theme: Born to be Wild, in complement to our Earth show.

  • Entries should have a cord attached to be pulled through obstacles.

  • Entries should have the ability to float & move forward on land, mud, & sand when pulled by a cord by Kinetic Officials.

  • NO motors, batteries, dangerous chemicals, or stored energy, for propulsion.


  • Deadline for entry is April 1, 2021, 4:30pm with entry form completed online and model dropped off Wed-Sun 10am-5pm at the front desk, or mailed to AVAM, Honey I shrunk the Race, 800 Key Highway, Baltimore, MD 21230. 

  • Models will exhibited at AVAM from April 2 until Virtual Race Day, May 1, 2021.

  • Vehicles will be operated by Kinetic Race Officials through an Obstacle Course: Water, Land, Sand, and Mud on May 1 in a Virtual Kinetic Sculpture Race.

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Entry Form

Entry Form

By completing this form and entering the Honey, I Shrunk the Race event, you are giving the American Visionary Art Museum permission to exhibit your vehicle and release your descriptive information during an April exhibit and May 1 event. The event may be recorded and published on, but not limited to, AVAM's social media and website. Vehicles become property of AVAM unless other arrangements for pick-up are made by emailing us

Thanks for your entry form! We've sent a confirmation email to print and include with your sculpture.

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