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The Universal Tree of Life

The Universal Tree of Life

Robert Benson

Zanvyl Krieger Main Building, Exterior

Created by Bob Benson with structural assistance by Rick Ames. Several years ago, Bob Benson saw a simple string of several pairs of mirrors attached to a filament that moved in the breeze and reflected the sun. Fascinated with its beauty and simplicity, he began making his own more elaborate versions, as well as other objects, all created from mirrors. The front yard of his home in Glen Burnie is filled with many of these 'flashies' and 'mirrorages.' And AVAM is home to Bob’s creation, 'The Universal Tree of Life,' located outside of the museum’s main entrance. Retired from careers in public radio and Community Development, Bob grows orchids in his 'underground' greenhouse (a hobby of four decades), listens to music on his elaborate surround sound system, and now spends most of his time working with mirrors – his shiny, happy things – providing great joy and light wherever they appear.

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