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“Today is the best day ever!”

—Student, Maree G. Farring Elementary Middle School
Baltimore City Public School

Many companies enable your donation to go further through an employee match program. Check with your employer today to see if it offers a matching gift program, to truly maximize your gift.

 “The finest examples of off-beat artworks that fill your

soul with joy.

—benjamin, visitor
Happy AVAM Kid on Whoopee Cushion Bench

sample employer list

Examples of employers that will match employee donations include:

  • Constellation

  • T. Rowe Price

  • Thomson Reuters

  • United Technologies

  • UBS

  • U.S. Bancorp Foundation (US Bank)

  • Wells Fargo


“I hosed up the sun and the rainbow come to me . . . and

I see things other folks can’t see.”

 Artist J. B. MURRAY

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