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George Lowe

(1957 - )

George Lowe

George E. Lowe was born just off the Florida Gulf Coast, in Dunedin. Grandson of a Gulf Oil Executive, George was born to an emotionally distant father, Luther Edward Lowe, and an adored and devoted mother, Mabel Frances Dixon, who would remain the primary creative constant throughout Lowe’s life. George’s Mom was a gifted pianist and prolific volunteer, holding leadership roles in organizations from the YWCA to the President of the Atlanta Girl Scouts. George says his mother demonstrated compassion in every capacity. At a young age, George, too, became a gifted self-taught pianist. Due to his sickly nature, doctors claimed he would not live to see his seventh birthday. In spite of this errant prediction, George Lowe has lived and flourished, experiencing a lifetime immersed in the creative arts. Beginning a broadcast career in 1974, Lowe soon hosted the number one morning show in Atlanta. Most famously, Lowe became a popular sci-fi cult figure, known for his charismatic lead voice role as Space Ghost, on the animated talk-show series Space Ghost Coast to Coast, that ran for a decade on Atlanta’s Cartoon Network and later, on television’s Adult Swim.

In addition to his broadcast and musical gifts, George has drawn since he was first able to hold a crayon. George credits both his mother’s encouragement and a childhood encounter with a De Heem Still-life at the Ringling Museum as catalyst for his own artistic “epiphany,” Both prolific art maker and art collector - Lowe chose to buy a Picasso print while still in Junior College over a car. He now owns over 700 artworks, including turn of the Century Magic posters and Pop prints, including those by Tom Wesselmann, Andy Warhol, Claes Oldenburg, and James Rosenquist. George cherished meeting famed visionary folk artist Reverend Howard Finster, who inspired him to seek out and collect other self-taught artists. George’s characterized his passion for art, “Connoisseur and Addict are interchangeable words where my collecting is concerned.”
George's own works of art are included in the permanent collections of Atlanta’s High Museum of Art, the Polk Museum, the Georgia Museum in Athens, and the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, and among numerous private collectors.

“Perhaps, one youngster staring at something in my collection, or at a work of mine, will be touched like I was staring at that De Heem work as a kid at The Ringling, and they, too, will become inspired to pick up a pencil and discover their own true voice.”

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