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Photography and video

Personal Use

We’d love that! A-ok are photos and videos for personal use with existing lighting only (no flash). Also:

Engagement and Portraits

Due to our resources, we can only accommodate engagement / portraits in the exterior of the museum. Please contact us beforehand for approval via In addition to the guidelines for personal use:

  • Please stick to handheld cameras, cell phones, and tablets.

  • No tripods, lights, selfie sticks, or other such external equipment.


  • Respect the artwork by staying behind stanchions and maintaining a safe distance from the objects, including our outdoor sculptures.


  • Be mindful of other visitors’ experience by avoiding loud talking, soundtracks, or blocking the artwork.

  • Please arrive in the wardrobe and makeup you plan to have for the shoot. AVAM is not able to provide a changing or staging area.


  • Prohibited items include — but are not limited to — aerosols, sprays, loose powders, and non-service animals.


Due to our events schedule, we can only accommodate wedding photography — inside and outside — for those getting married at AVAM. If this applies, please contact us at

Gerald Hawkes eyes blue copy.jpg

 “Each matchstick represents a

human being.

My work shows the beauty and strength of what can happen when people

work together.”

Visionary artist GERALD HAWKES


Media and Commercial Shoots

Please contact us beforehand for approval via In addition to the guidelines for personal use and engagement photography:

  • Tripods, mics, and other external equipment may be permitted on a case-by-case basis and may require a staffer to accompany you.

  • Please provide credit to AVAM when possible. 

  • Please provide photo releases if visitors will be in your shot.

  • In addition to prohibited items under "Engagement and Portraits," prohibited inside the galleries include—but are not limited to—live plants and cut flowers.

  • Any props need to be pre-approved.

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