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The Baltimore Blues

The Baltimore Blues

David Best

Jim Rouse Visionary Center, 1st Floor

An art car usually begins its life as an older or used vehicle (car, truck, van, bus, jeep, golf cart, etc.). The owner of the car decides that he/she wants to alter the car, not necessarily converting what's under the hood, but instead transforming the exterior/interior of the car. To what degree and how this transformation is made is entirely up to the imagination, skills, and resources of the art car artist. Pictured here: 'Baltimore Blues' David Best's Community ArtCar project with the South Baltimore Homeless Center. Nationally-acclaimed artist known for creating outrageous 'D.C.'s,' or decorated cars, David Best is known for enlisting and directing hundreds of people to create monumental community ArtCars. David and AVAM's neighbors from the South Baltimore Homeless Center, together with dozens of volunteers and drop-in visitors created this Baltimore Blues Car in an ArtCar Workshop in 2002.

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