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Ordinary people build extraordinary

human-powered, all-terrain, artful contraptions

to race over land, water, sand & mud.

Race begins at AVAM. Participate, volunteer,

or watch the historic event!


For full race details, see

Need some mechanical engineering advice?

Will it float? Will it flip? Will we be able to move it? can help! 

2023 Kinetic Everyday People Am. Gothic-01.jpg


Click image to view a larger size.

Team Herding Cats
Team Fifi! as Mother Nature / sand
Kinetic Cop
Team Agogosaurus
Team Bumpo Crew
Team Louie /Water Launch
Team Pandoras Kitchen /Sand Pit
Team Yes Oui Can Can / Mud Pit
Team Platypus Crew
Team Louie the Dog police chase in Patterson Park
Kinetic Founder Hobart Brown
Team Nova Labsmobile
Team Chessie
Team Dr. Vlad’s Mad Lab / water entry
Team Frog / Mud Pit
Mud Doctors
Team Rōninferno

Samurai in the Inner Harbor

Team Tick Tock the Croc
Team Cornography / Mud Pit
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