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Ho Baron

(1941– )

Ho Baron

Ho Baron was born in Chicago in 1941, and raised in El Paso, Texas, close to the Mexican border. He studied English in graduate school in Tucson, Arizona, then taught in the Peace Corps in Nigeria and Ethiopia. After the Peace Corps, Ho lived in New York, Philadelphia, Austin, the Virgin Islands, and Belgium, then returned to El Paso, where he worked for 10 years in the family pawnshop. He earned a second master's degree in library science along the way, and after his stint in retail, began working as a community college librarian, which he has done part-time ever since. Ho's method of personal expression evolved over the years, first from writing to the visual arts, from photography to pen and ink drawing and painting, then eventually to sculpture. He has sculpted for over 30 years and has created more than 200 narrative bronze and cast stone figures, almost all of which are scattered around his home.

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