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Create your own sparkly, holiday moon. The kit contains everything you need to make one Beaded Moon:


  • One wooden shape
  • Two bags of random fun
  • Three feathers
  • Pair of gloves
  • Apoxie Sculpt in your choice of color (the color you choose will cover the wooden shape, and be the main color of your project)
  • Set of printed instructions


Tips and tricks


  • This is a messy project, cover your work surface before getting started.
  • This project is perfect for visionaries over the age of 5, and all young visionaries should be supervised when using the Apoxie Sculpt. 
  • Add your own treasures! Feel free to use items you have at home on this project. The possibilities are endless.


All sales benefit the American Visionary Art Museum!

Beaded Beast Art Kit: Moon


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