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Kinetic's Best of Baltimore Win!

Thank you Baltimore!

AVAM's Kinetic Sculpture Race named Best Event For Out-Of-Towners by Baltimore Magazine

We are simply euphoric at the news that our beloved Kinetic Sculpture Race has been awarded a Best of Baltimore WIN for Best Event for Out-of-Towners! Our ecstatic jubilation cannot even be contained in a simple website post, but we'll certainly try. Here goes:

We'd like to thank Baltimore Magazine and its dedicated staff and readers. And say a special THANK YOU to every single soul involved in our annual race: all the intrepid Kinetinauts and their persevering Pit Crew, who create and pilot magnificent works of kinetic art that deliver joy to the many. To the numerous departments and officials of Baltimore City, who fearlessly filed paperwork, boldly blocked traffic, emailed and called on our behalf, and worked so hard to help us re-schedule this dear race. To our valorous Volunteers, who freely don a chicken or cop costume without the slightest scorn. To our jovial Judges, for sweating it out the whole day in black robes, and not being too judgy of our own wardrobe malfunctions. To our stouthearted Staff, we who would not let a phrase like "State of Emergency" deter us from our massive task at hand. To's Tom Jones and his team of plucky Photographers, who snap and sort thousands of race day photos, just so we can see how ridiculous this whole thing actually looks. And lastly but certainly not leastly, the entire City of Baltimore, who courageously cheers us on, supports us, and who's chin-up attitude in the face of certain setback inspires us to keep building and pedaling year after year!

Thank you, and while we bask in the glory of this Kinetic win for the moment, we quickly realize it's almost time to get started on next year's entry! Join us May 7, 2016 for the 18th Annual, Official, East Coast National Championship, Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race!

Congrats to all the Winners! Check them out on Baltimore Magazine's site


AVAM Remembers Julian Bond

Julian Bond and wife Pam Horowitz with Rebecca Hoffberger at AVAM in 2010

With very heavy hearts, we remember the great Julian Bond, former NAACP Chairman and brave civil rights activist, who passed away Saturday at the age of 75.

"In 1993, Julian Bond walked the Inner Harbor land construction site of the American Visionary Art Museum, offering with that silken voice encouragement for the museum to flourish. In 2010, Julian and his wife Pam Horowitz, shared our highest honor, AVAM's Grand Visionary Award, for their lifelong dedication to civil and human rights. We believe that creative acts of social justice constitute life's highest performance art. As such, Julian was that rare Olympian—wise, unwavering, super cool, and in possession of an awesome sense of play and humor. Pam and Julian also were avid collectors of folk and visionary art, and Julian even discovered an artist for us! To say Julian will be missed is a massive understatement. There is no one like him, nor on the horizon. We feel graced that his huge heart included AVAM in so many unforgettable ways. Our condolences go out to his adored wife Pam, his children and grandchildren, and his close friends and kindred spirits, Taylor and Christy Branch. When Julian was asked what his epitaph should read, he replied with a sly smile, "Easily Amused." — Rebecca Hoffberger, AVAM Founder and Director

Julian Bond obituary (AP)

AVAM Welcomes Encantada!

Encantada is the all new restaurant on AVAM's campus!

New "vegetable focused" restaurant NOW OPEN!

Encantada—the newest restaurant from Chef Robin Hass of Birrotecca and The Nickel Taphouse—is NOW OPEN for business on AVAM's 3rd floor. The Visionary warmly welcomes Chef Melanie Molinaro, and the entire restaurant staff to the AVAM family! AVAM Fan Club Members: take advantage of a special 10% discount at the restaurant—be sure to make a reservation and bring your Fan Club ID Card with you!

Encantada adjective / en•can•ta•da: Located within the American Visionary Art Museum, Encantada reveals the symbiosis of art, food, dreams and reality. Drawing on the importance of "roots," both creative and culinary, we support regional farms, ranches, and aqua-culture, thus nurturing the concept of sustainability. We share the belief that getting back to basics helps move us forward. Encantada is an enchanted escape where boundaries are blurred and tastes are celebrated.

Encantada at the AVAM:

Visit or call 410-752-1000 for more info.

Upcoming Events:

BAZAART Holiday Art Market

AVAM's annual one-of-a-kind holiday art market returns!

  • When: Saturday, November 28, 2015
  • What Time: 10am – 5pm
  • Cost: FREE ENTRY!

American Visionary Art Museum's annual holiday art market returns! Hundreds of original creations by over 40 regional artists and craftspeople, including paintings, sculpture, paper crafts, metalwork, jewelry, textiles, mixed media, apparel, and other work that simply defies categorization! Shop local on #SmallBusinessSaturday and support these original makers! FREE ENTRY, and be sure to visit the museum, Sideshow gift shop, and the all-new 3rd floor restaurant at AVAM, Encantada!

Location: American Visionary Art Museum, Jim Rouse Visionary Center 3rd Floor. Note: Bazaart shoppers are welcome to tour the entire Jim Rouse Visionary Center for free on Bazaart day, and the rest of the museum is open 10am-6pm, regular admission applies.

BAZAART First Dibs Preview Party:
Friday, November 27 • 5:30–8pm • $20, $10 AVAM Members

Beat the crowds! An opportunity to get the first shot at the original creations by over 40 regional artists and craftspeople prior to the Saturday BAZAART extravaganza. Admission is just $20 ($10 for Members) & benefits AVAM! MORE INFO