Permanent Collection

Submission Guidelines

The American Visionary Art Museum is an actively collecting, national institution. However, our capacity to accept, professionally store, and care for, additions to our permanent collection is extremely limited. We must, therefore, exercise great discretion in what we can accept. Our collecting mission is limited to strictly high-quality visionary and outsider artistry – defined as original works created by self-taught creators or those who have had no, or little, formal training. These are creations inspired foremost by personal revelation and experience, and new acquisitions must act to complement and/or enhance, our existing collection.

Purchase of Your Work by the Museum

Thank you for thinking of AVAM. We DO NOT have an acquisition fund to purchase art.

Donating to the Museum

Do you have something for us to consider? Please email us the following to

  • Your name and contact information
  • The artwork's title, size, material, date, artist’s name when known, and a short bio
  • Photographs of the artwork. NEVER MAIL US ORIGINAL ARTWORK.
  • Any further information that you think is helpful!
Please note

  • AVAM cannot appraise artwork
  • Due to a very high volume of interest, we cannot respond to every donation inquiry. We will contact you if we are interested in considering your donation.
  • Please don’t take rejection as criticism of your work! We are often offered wonderful things that do not fit thematically to a future planned exhibition, or we simply cannot fit into our limited storage space. Please continue to revel in the act of creating.