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Albert Louden

Residence of the EU Ambassador to the US, Washington, DC

Albert Louden was born in Blackpool, England in 1943 where his father worked in a munitions factory. Louden grew up in the East End of London and then lived for many years with his mother in the suburbs of London until her death in 1986. Louden worked primarily as a van driver, storing a prolific body of his work in a shed at the back of his garden. Many of Louden’s themes express the great ten- sion inherent in family life. In 1985, Louden was given a one-man show at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park in public recognition of his remarkable work and extraordinary use of color. Louden’s work is in the permanent collection of the museum and has been widely exhibited for many years. Louden continues to live simply in the home he once shared with his mother.

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